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NUTCRACKER – Christmas Cards

Enchanted Cards Handmade


We created these beautiful festive “Nutcracker” Christmas cards using lashing of black & silver glitter card on a white background, and beautiful ribbons with little flecks of glitter in . Giving the cards a stunning monochrome look. We attached small working bells to each card in silver and gold to give them that little “OTT’ look and sound. Which just added that little bit of christmassy magic to each card. 

At E/C we specialise in Bespoke Boxed Greeting Cards and Invitations, all embellished with Crystals, Satin Ribbons, 3d flowers and lots of other embellishments. Such as die cut butterflies & dragonflies etc.

You will find lots of our handmade card designs available to purchase now via Ebay by clicking on the following link enchantedcardshandmade on eBay

eZy Watermark_06-12-2019_03-24-00pmeZy Watermark_06-12-2019_03-24-34pm

We do not claim any ownership for the the clip art images and graphics we may use. All graphics & clipart is provided free to you. We only charge for our services to make and create your luxury cards and invitations. All licensed character’s maintain the copyrights of their original owners

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