Luxury Handcrafted Cards & Invitations

Handcrafted Save The Dates © Enchanted Cards Handmade Cards & Invitations

Enchanted Cards are high quality handmade and truly unique, as you will see. Enchanted Cards are the perfect gift to enable you to express and show your feelings to a loved one, friend or acquaintance.
Greeting cards are not only a way of expressing your love or thanks. They are also a great old fashioned way of simply keeping in touch with a special person in your life. We now live in a world over run by technology. When sending texts and emails is a quick and easy solution, but is also very impersonal.
By sending a card the recipient knows all to well that the sender has put a lot of thought and effort into doing so.The words inside a card often bring “Happy Tears” to the eyes of the person reading them. Those careful chosen words have just brightened up someones day, and made them smile.
Have a little browse through all our cards as you will see they are very beautiful and truly unique.
Brighten up someones day with a handcrafted Enchanted Card with your very own personalised sentiment 100% unique to you.
© Enchanted Cards Handmade Luxury Cards & Invitations

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