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Hello….. Welcome To Our Website – Enchanted Cards Handmade Luxury Boxed Cards & Invitations


Show & tell that special someone exactly how much you care with a
Luxury Handcrafted Card from

Enchanted Cards are high quality handmade and truly unique, as you will see.
Enchanted Cards are the perfect gift to enable you to express and show your feelings to a loved one, friend or acquaintance.
Greeting cards are not only a way of expressing your love or thanks. They are also a great old fashioned way of simply keeping in touch with a special person in your life. We now live in a world over run by technology. Were sending texts and emails is quick and easy, but also very impersonal.
By sending a card the recipient knows all to well that the sender has put a lot of thought and effort into doing so.The words inside a card often bring “Happy Tears” to the eyes of the person reading them. Those careful chosen words have just brightened up someones day, and made them smile.
Have a little browse through all our cards as you will see they are very beautiful and truly unique.
Brighten up someones day with a handcrafted Enchanted Card with your very own personalised sentiment 100% unique to you.

You will find lots of our handmade card designs available to purchase now via Ebay by clicking on the following link enchantedcardshandmade on eBay

All our handcrafted Greeting Cards, Invitations & Keepsakes are purely for decoration purposes only.
And so should NOT be given to children to be used as toys under any circumstances.
© Enchanted Cards Handmade Luxury Cards & Invitations 
Send your loved one a beautiful greeting card with your very own personalised message inside. Enchanted Cards are all prepared from start to finish exclusively just for you. Our luxury bespoke designs are made from high quality materials, and are made to order. If you have a special occasion coming up and you are wanting to send that special person in your life a very special greeting card. Then get in touch with us and we will create just the card for you.
For You To Send With Lots of Love…………..

If you would like to enquire please do so using the contact us form below. We aim to respond to all messages within 48 hours weekdays (Monday to Friday).


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